Stopspycover is the thinnest webcam cover in the market

Stopspycover 100% Safe againts Hackers

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Unique feeling of tranquility:

Many people underestimate the danger they run by leaving their webcam uncovered, using Stopspycover will cover your webcam in an analog way, so you will never have that feeling of looking at your webcam device and asking yourself…

¿Will it be true who spy on us ..?

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Hacker VS App

Stop Spy Cover Hacker vs App

Hackers need to break all security measures to access your device, on the contrary when you accept the terms and conditions permission to install an APP you are giving them instant access to your contacts, photos, webcam, camera, etc.

Browse safely through these social networks by physically blocking your camera using the most elegant and thin webcam cover on the market 😀

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Why chose StopSpyCover?

It is easy to use, elegant and durable, when you hurry to use your front camera just slide your tab, take a selfie or make a video call, when you finish it closes and ready, it integrates perfectly to your device being almost invisible.

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Top sales Spain (Best inventions 2017)

StopSpycover is ultra thin (0.03mm) and being flexible is compatible for mobile phones with curved screen.

StopSpycover is patented for use in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, external Webcams and Smart TV’s,

-Police Ismael Soltero came to this great idea to see the increase in complaints from individuals and companies by extortion, using recordings or images stolen with the webcam of the mobile phone.

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¿What do you think is the reason for this increase in cyber-extortion?

The answer is simple, nobody covers the front camera of your phone because a piece of black tape does not fit on an € 900 iPhone, and people choose design before security, that's why my webcam cover is different to all, because It is specifically designed to be used in mobile phones without breaking its aesthetics and design.